Gerontology Nursing Conference

Posted by on 8 August 2019

logo selwyn small4 October 2018 | Eden Park 
The Selwyn Institute shares practical knowledge and advice with those who have an interest in helping others age well, in order to achieve better outcomes in the long-term for older people and their families.

pic gerontology pageThe Gerontology Nursing Conference, is designed to help professionals identify, understand, and work with the complex problems in the aged care sector, whether it’s caring for people in residential aged care or in the wider community.

This year’s focus is on exploring vulnerability and frailty in older people. As health care professionals, and those committed to supporting older people age well, what are the various ‘faces’ that represent vulnerability in our work and in our communities?

If you work in the aged-care sector, please join us on 4 October at Eden Park, for the 10th annual Gerontology Nursing Conference, and discover why resilience and the power of ‘bounce back’ are increasingly part of the nursing agenda.

Presenters for the 2019 Gerontology Nursing Conference:

Professor Janine Wiles
Associate Professor at The University of Auckland
Resilience in older people – what we can learn from older people

The InterRAI picture

Philippa Mandeno and Dawn Jun
The University of Auckland
Research of sedentary behaviour in older adults living in residential care

Dr. Michal Boyd
Nurse practitioner and Associate professor
Health and Safety Quality Commission - Frailty Care Guides

Dr. Elizabeth Niven
Family perspective

Meenal Duggal
Deputy Health & Disability Commissioner, Complaints Resolution
Doing the right thing for vulnerable people and their family. What can we learn about these complaints?

Dr. Kathy Peri
Senior Lecturer at The University of Auckland
Non pharmaceutical interventions that work

John Ashley
COO Community, The Selwyn Foundation
Technology's role in supporting independence

Maya Nova
Mindfulness trainer, mindful leadership consultant, speaker and coach
How can we look after others until we learn to look after ourselves?

For more information on this year’s agenda, speakers, and to register please visit: or contact Events Manager Amanda Harkness on (09) 815 4025 or

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