The Mosaic of Ageing New Zealand Association of Gerontology Conference

Posted by on 5 September 2018

6-8th September 2018 Ellerslie Convention Centre Auckland
Saturday 8th September 1:30pm - 2:45pm

SYMPOSIA: HOPE Scholars Symposia 

Chair: Dr Maree Todd

  1. Utilising MRI to investigate the relationship between the hydration state of the crystalline lens and its optical properties. Alyssa Lie
  2. Measuring Plasticity and Ageing through Multisensory integration. Philip Sanders
  3. A critique of the marketization of residential aged care services. Cobus Kilian
  4. Determinants of prescribing potentially inappropriate medications in a nationwide cohort of community dwellers with dementia receiving a comprehensive geriatric assessment. Dr Sharmin S Bala
  5. Are difficulties swallowing inevitable in healthy ageing? Age-related swallowing observations on videofluoroscopy in healthy New Zealanders. Marie Jardine

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