HOPE Foundation Newsletter March 2011

Posted by on 3 March 2011

The recent events in Christchurch have brought into sharp focus the inherent instability of these “shaky isles” as the Aussies love to call them. (But just remind them of Newcastle 1989).

Until there is a major disaster, we take the services we receive – water, sewage, electricity, gas, etc. very much for granted. But the truth is that we live in a potentially unstable environment. And when destructive forces are released, it is the older people and those with disabilities who fare worst. We have seen rest home residents transferred all over the South Island, often far away from families.

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HOPE Foundation Newsletter March 2010

Posted by on 3 March 2010

As you will see over-page, the Foundation has awarded three scholarships for the 2010 academic year. They are all for important areas of research, but one proposal, that of Michael Annear especially intrigues me.

He proposes to evaluate in detail how neighbourhood conditions influence the physical activity and social life of older people. I suppose it 'rings a bell' with me because right now my wife and I are in the process of selling the family home of 40 years and looking for a smaller alternative. And we are trying to take into account not just the layout of potential houses and properties and what amenities are available and how close, but also, as far as we can discover, the ambience of the neighbourhood - including what the neighbours are like, levels of street violence, frequency of burglaries in the vicinity and so on.

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HOPE Foundation Newsletter November 2009

Posted by on 3 November 2009

In the six months since the publication of our last newsletter, the Foundation has experienced both lows and highs. The resignation due to ill health and then the death of our Executive Officer, Jan Bowman MNZM in June was a huge blow.

Jan had been our EO for five years, a period in which she made a huge contribution to the Foundation. (See separate column.) Jan would have been one of the most capable and innovative people I know. She was passionate about the Foundation’s objectives. Thank you Jan!

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News of former Scholars

Posted by on 2 August 2009

Arnica Wesley-James, 2005 Scholar from Victoria University, Wellington

Submitted her thesis in mid 2007

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Health Boards neeed to do more for the elderly

Posted by on 2 October 2008

In September, The Foundation released a report (which it had commissioned) into how the country’s 21 District Health Boards (DHBs)are caring for their elderly populations.

The Report attracted wide media coverage and is available to view here

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