Apply for a Hope Foundation Scholarship

Posted by on 9 April 2019



These scholarships, established in 2003 as The HOPE Foundation Scholarships, are intended to support and encourage young University researchers into the ageing field, so a strong academic focus can be developed for New Zealand’s future needs.

The administration of these scholarships is through the HOPE Foundation.

The Foundation

The HOPE Foundation for Research on Ageing is a Charitable Trust, established in 1994. The mission of the Foundation is to:

  •  Lead and resource the funding of people doing research on ageing
  •  Disseminate research-based information about the effects of ageing on individuals and society
  •  Help develop the pool of researchers who study ageing in New Zealand
  •  Influence decision-makers to improve the quality of life for ageing New Zealanders.

Amount and Type of Award

  • Each Scholarship, of up to $6000, will be awarded for a period of one year.
  • The Scholarships will be paid in two installments, at the beginning of each semester. 


The Scholarships are for one year but may be renewable for up to three years on reapplication.

Application forms are available from the Scholarship office of all the major Universities in New Zealand.  


You can also help by

  • Spreading the word about what we do / share this newsletter
  • Donating your time to the Friends Supporters to help with fundraising and committee work
  • Encouraging your children and grandchildren to invest in their futures by donating time and money (a baby girl born today has a 1 in 3 chance of living to 100 , a boy 1 in 4 and is likely to be fitter and healthier–think about the implications of that)
  • Consider a bequest