Joan-Mary Longcroft 90th Birthday

Posted by on 1 November 2017

What do you do when you reach 90 years of age - Celebrate, of course and in style!

That is exactly what Joan-Mary Longcroft did on achieving her 90th. She is not only a present member of the Friends Committee of The HOPE Foundation but also set up the first committee, back in 2005.

When Joan-Mary asked the committee to organise her birthday, they accepted the challenge with pleasure, and Joan-Mary achieved her wish to make the celebration a fund raising event for The HOPE Foundation.


Family and friends were personally invited at the cost of $90 per person, the contributions going to The HOPE Foundation. It was a stylish party, held at Rannoch, the home of Sir James Wallace.

Not only did Dr Maree Todd speak on behalf of The HOPE Foundation, wishing Joan-Mary another successful year of free travel in space, around the sun, but Professor David Richmond, the founder of the HOPE Foundation, presented the toast.

The evening was completed with a musical performance and good food.

What better way to celebrate life in senior years, thinking of others and spreading love and goodness about. It was Joan- Mary’s desire that enough money be raised for one scholarship for one year. That goal was more than achieved. Well done Joan- Mary Longcroft!

You can also help by

  • Spreading the word about what we do / share this newsletter
  • Donating your time to the Friends Supporters to help with fundraising and committee work
  • Encouraging your children and grandchildren to invest in their futures by donating time and money (a baby girl born today has a 1 in 3 chance of living to 100 , a boy 1 in 4 and is likely to be fitter and healthier–think about the implications of that)
  • Consider a bequest