HOPE Foundation Newsletter March 2017

Posted by on 21 March 2017

Reviewing the applications for our Masters and PhD Students Scholarships is the most exciting and rewarding aspect of my role as Chair of the Hope Foundation.

I do this with the help of Dr Geoff Green, a Geriatrician and Dr Jo Broad a very experienced researcher and statistician.

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HOPE Foundation News November 2016

Posted by on 20 November 2016

At last there are signs of the sun and at the time of writing a watery spring has arrived.  It is time for Spring cleaning and replanting of the garden.

You will now be enjoying the new growth and flowers. I thank everyone who came to our recent fundraising play. We value your support. It was an enjoyable event showing it is never too late for love. My thanks to the Friends Committee for making this happen.

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HOPE Foundation News March 2016

Posted by on 13 March 2016

It is not often we get good news about dementia. Several positive items have been reported this year.

Results from the Framingham a study1 – a long running population based research project, show a 20% decrease in the incidence of dementia per decade over the last 40 years. In real terms this means there has been a reduction from 3.6 to 2.0 people per 100 over the age of 60 who develop dementia. Several other studies have shown similar trends but it has been hard to get good supportive evidence because of the difficulty of doing these projects over decades.

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HOPE Foundation News November 2015

Posted by on 2 November 2015

In September I was proud to launch the second HOPE-Selwyn Knowledge Exchange. Once again this was a very successful event with over 60 attendees from throughout New Zealand.

Sessions were chaired by myself, Professor Ngaire Kerse, Professor David Richmond and Associate Professor Valerie Wright-St Clair. Professor Valerie Wright-St Clair is the newest member of the HOPE Foundation for Research on Ageing Board being the nominee of the New Zealand Association of Gerontology.

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HOPE Foundation News March 2015

Posted by on 3 March 2015

To be a researcher one needs to have numerous qualities. These are much the same for those who support research.

One needs opportunity and encouragement. Nurturing an enquiring mind and giving a young student an early taste of research may start them on their research journey. Our summer studentships do this and we have just heard the presentations from two enthusiastic young people at our combined presentation session with the New Zealand Association of Gerontology.

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HOPE Foundation News November 2014

Posted by on 1 November 2014

Establishing the Hope Foundation, setting the aims, sourcing funding and keeping going has often seemed an impossible task.

The vision, leadership and perseverance shown by Professor David Richmond have led to the Foundation being in an optimistic and sound state to grow and further our aims. Thank you David for all your work and leadership. It is my pleasure to be taking over the Chair of the Hope Foundation and hope to build on this work with the support of the Board and Friends.

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HOPE Foundation Newsletter March 2014

Posted by on 3 March 2014

Anniversaries encourage reflection. It’s good to look back and ponder over where you have come from and how.

They offer a chance for celebration of the here and now. And they’re also a stimulus for renewing vision; trying to get the future a little more into focus and thinking about new directions.

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HOPE Foundation Newsletter November 2013

Posted by on 3 November 2013

Just a few weeks ago, the results of an international ‘happiness survey’ –the United Nations Global Report on Happiness - were released.

The researchers found that when a variety of social, personal and economic factors were taken into account, New Zealanders were ranked the 13th happiest world citizens. The five happiest countries were the Scandinavian ones. Of interest is the fact that the Scandinavian countries support some of the oldest populations in the world. In Sweden for example, 18% of the population is over 65 compared with 13% in NZ Mental illness is apparently the most important source of unhappiness. By world standards, we have a relatively high rate of suicide and that drags us down the ratings.

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HOPE Foundation Newsletter March 2013

Posted by on 3 March 2013

Since it started to fund summer research students doing age-related research in 1999, the Foundation has funded 23 such students.

Since it began funding scholarships for masters and doctoral student in 2004, 31 scholarships have been awarded to 18 doctoral students (some students have been supported for more than one year), and eight to masters students. In addition we have arranged at least one public seminar most years, paid for some contract research on issues the Foundation felt needed urgent review, and funded a visiting professor.

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HOPE Foundation Newsletter November 2012

Posted by on 3 November 2012

The Olympic Games occupied the attention of most of us in July. Even for those of us who don't subscribe to Sky TV, the free to air coverage on Prime TV was excellent.

We have been able to share the triumphs and the disasters, the good shows and the no shows in a more intimate and immediate way than I can ever recall.

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