July 23 Snippets

Posted by Karen Mumme on 18 July 2023

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HOPE Scholar, Josie Dixon works with a diverse range of researchers to develop a low-cost, non-invasive blood glucose monitoring method to increase compliance, accessibility, and thus, health outcomes for people living with diabetes.

SpectagraphsIn May, Josie visited collaborators and researchers in Europe including the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary. Josie and the team are looking at characterising the spectral response of the near infrared LEDs she is using in her sensor. The experiments were extremely informative and have aided in progressing the sensor design.

1ycj3hkbJosie was also able to gain data on the spectral absorption of several analytes she is working with using NIR spectrometer machines. The results from these tests are fundamental in determining if the analytes can be detecting using existing sensing methods and will be crucial in developing new models and algorithms.

Josie at ENS Rennes

Josie also visited the ENS Rennes in France to strengthen relationships with the mechatronics department. The visit was extremely successful in building the relationship and engaging experts in nanotechnology. Josie hopes to return to France early next year to use the clean room at ENS to construct custom photodiodes for her sensor.

dv7yzz96There is a bit of effort required to enter the clear room where they fabricate nano technology like the photodiodes which Josie is using in her research.

23 Camon PosterHOPE Scholar, Celine Camon, attended her first International conference in Ottawa, Canada. Celine presented a poster titled "The Metabolic Effect of 17-Alpha Estradiol are not Exclusively Mediated by Estrogen Receptor Alpha in Glutamatergic or GABAergic Neurons".

IMG 7795The Friends of HOPE had a successful fundraising event featuring Annabelle White - read more here.

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