News of former Scholars

Posted by on 2 August 2009

Arnica Wesley-James, 2005 Scholar from Victoria University, Wellington

Submitted her thesis in mid 2007

I would like to thank the HOPE Foundation again for supporting my research. This support has added value to my work, and has been a key motivation. I believe recognition and interest from outside groups is important, as it connects the research and the researcher beyond what is usually said to be a lonely process within the confines of the university.

Kathy Glasgow, 2004 Scholar from Victoria University, Wellington

Is working on a PhD and has been awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship at the Victoria University of Wellington. She comments: -

The Scholarship I received in 2004 was extremely helpful, providing me with not just much needed financial support, but equally important giving me the encouragement I needed to return to study and to focus that study on positive ageing research.  I commend those involved in establishing the HOPE Foundation and developing and implementing the objectives, and I very much hope that scholarships will continue to be made available to students involved in research.  Such awards really can make all the difference.  As a mature student with competing family responsibilities and commitments this support was critical.  Furthermore the HOPE Foundation successfully sends a message to emerging researchers that positive ageing is a valued area of research and an important area worth pursuing.

Kamali Pugazhenthi, 2004 and 2005 Scholar from the University of Otago

Is now a Post Doctoral Fellow in their Department of Anatomy and Structural Biology.  She is working with Professor Helen Nicholson,reproductive biologist on generating a model for benign prostate hyperplasia, a condition encountered by men aged 60 and above.

Catherine Goodfellow, 2006 Scholar from the University of Auckland

Attended the International Cannabinoid Research SocietyConference in June 07 to present a poster of her work on Huntington’s Disease. 

Kathy Peri, 2004 and 2005 Scholar from the University of Auckland

Has visited Germany and Northern Ireland spending time with the research teams involved in implementing physical activity programmes in residential care settings. She also has  presented and discussed her research findings with lead academics in the area.  Age and Ageing have accepted an article for publication relating to the findings of her research work and an abstract was accepted for theAmerican Gerontology Conference forNurses in November 07.

Melissa Ryan, 2006 Scholar from the University of Otago,

Has completed her internship year of clinical psychology training. 

When I was granted The HOPE Foundation Scholarship I was entering the final year of data collection for my PhD.  .I would like to extend my thanks to the members of the HOPE Foundation and committee for granting me this scholarship. Your funding has been instrumental in my completing my doctoral thesis work.  Completing a PhD can be an expensive, demanding, but ultimately rewarding job and any supportis greatly appreciated.

Lisa Stewart, 2006 Scholar from the University of Auckland

Completed her thesis and a report was released to the District Health Boards in September 2008.

See separate entry on this Report.

Liz Kiata-Holland, 2005, 2005 and 2006 Scholar from the University of Auckland

Completed her PhD in 2007 in their Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care.  In 2006 she presented her work at two international conferences in Sydney.   Liz is a member of the Executive of the Auckland Branch of the New Zealand Association of Gerontology and chaired the May 2008 meeting where The HOPE Foundation two Summer Students presented their project findings. .  She has expressed appreciation for support from The Foundation:-

I would like to sincerely thank the Hope Foundation for its continued support over the last three years (2004-2006) – I would have been unable to continue with my studies without the ongoing financial support of The Foundation.

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