Taringa Whakarongo

Posted by on 8 November 2019

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We want to explore experiences and perspectives of hearing loss and hearing health care services in Auckland from hard-of-hearing Maori 60-and-above, and whanau.

Changes in the delivery of hearing health care services will be guided by your voices.

What is involved?

- A go-along interview (3-4 hours), the researcher will talk with you and follow you through your hearing health care journey to learn about your lived experiences.


- Awhanau interview (1-2 hours).
Interviews will begin in June 2019.

Whanau are welcome to participate in the study.
Involvement in this study is voluntary and confidential.

Kai will be available during interviews.
A $100 voucher will be provided for your time and travel.

For further information or to see if you are eligible:
Email: alehandrea.manuel@auckland.ac.nz Phone: 022 541 3282

This research is part of a PhD research project funded through Brain Research New Zealand.
It is conducted under the supervision of AP Elana Curtis and AP Grant Searchfield.
Approved by the Auckland Health Research Ethics Committee on [19/06/2019] for three years. Reference number [000100].

You can also help by

  • Spreading the word about what we do / share this newsletter
  • Donating your time to the Friends Supporters to help with fundraising and committee work
  • Encouraging your children and grandchildren to invest in their futures by donating time and money (a baby girl born today has a 1 in 3 chance of living to 100 , a boy 1 in 4 and is likely to be fitter and healthier–think about the implications of that)
  • Consider a bequest