Choir Online is Better than No Choir At All!

Posted by on 17 March 2021

Responses of Adults with Neurological Conditions to an E-Choir Initiative during Covid-19 Lockdown in New Zealand.

Presentation to Brain Cognition Emotion Music Conference UK by Auckland Univerisity Centre for Brain Research

The CeleBRation Choir has sung, performed and researched together since 2009, aiming to foster social connectedness and the communication abilities of adults who have an acquired neurological condition (Fogg-Rogers et al., 2016; Jenkins et al., 2017; Talmage et at., 2013). The choir is now the focus of a doctoral action research study: the current Cycle 1 Reconnaissance stage entails analysis of current practice, including the transition to e-choir, through inductive thematic coding of audio-visual recordings, documents, an open format participant questionnaire, research journal, and continuing literature review.

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Alison Talmage - 2020 Hope Selwyn Scholar University of Auckland

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