Development of NOHAT - Nursing Oral Health Assessment Training

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Summary of Research - December 2022

by Keiko Oda, University of Auckland

23 Oda PhotoThank you very much for awarding me a HOPE Foundation Research for Ageing Scholarship in 2022. This scholarship supported my research implements oral care into nursing practice in the community and aged residential care facilities.

The first stage of my research progress determines the effect of oral care training for nursing staff in a primary health setting. However, COVID restriction prevented my research implementation in the community until October. Thus, I developed Nursing Oral Health Assessment Training (NOHAT) based on interprofessional collaboration between nursing and oral health professionals. I piloted the efficacy of NOHAT with nursing students and nursing academics in University of Auckland in July. As a result of NOHAT, nursing students significantly improved self-efficacy and confidence in oral health care provision and assessment. Based on the success of NOHAT in University of Auckland, I delivered NOHAT to community nursing staff and aged residential care nurses in Wellington region in November.

The second part of my research achievement is the dissemination of my research findings based on the literature review, nursing oral care protocol development, and NOHAT pilot. The following are the list of presentations delivered at domestic and international conferences.

  1. Research Café: “Nursing Oral Health Training; putting the mouth into a head-to toe” Oct 2022
  2. New Zealand Association of Gerontology Poster: “Developing Oral Care Protocol to Improve Nursing Oral Care for Care-dependent Older Adults in the Community” Nov 2022
  3. ASEAN Construction of Aging-appropriate System and Improvement of Elderly Nursing Capabilities Forum in China Webinar Guanxi medical university nursing conference: “Integrating oral care into nursing practice from home to hospital” Nov 2022
  4. Emerging Researcher in Ageing: “Integrating oral care into home care nursing practice” Nov 2022
  5. Combined Universities IPE & Practice Showcase: “Development of interprofessional collaboration & oral care protocol to improve nursing oral care practice" Nov 2022
  6. International clinical skills conference Prato 9: ‘Oral health assessment education: Together putting the mouth into a head-to-toe assessment” workshop abstract is accepted May 2023
  7. IAGG Asia & Oceania Congress: “Integrating oral care into home care nursing practice” abstract is submitted and under review. June 2023

Here is a list of recent publications, both published and under review:

Oda K, Montayre J, Parsons J, Boyd M (2021) Oral care in hospital settings: Breaking the vicious circle of older adult deconditioning. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 47, 7-12. DOI: 10.3928/00989134-20210507-01

“Putting the Mouth into the Head-to-Toe Assessment” Journal of Nursing Education revision submitted 16 Nov NOHAT

“Improving nursing oral care practice for care-dependent older adults: development of interprofessional collaboration and oral care nursing guidelines” Research protocol to Kaitiaki nursing research Journal, under review. “

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