2023-24 HOPE summer student

Posted by Rosa Griffiths on 12 January 2024

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These scholarships are awarded to support high achieving University students to do an ageing focused research project over the 10-week summer break. The aim is not only to achieve high quality worthwhile research, but also to enable these students to gain valuable skills, by working with experienced researchers, who supervise these projects. This year we have awarded one Summer Scholarship.

Rosa Griffiths - University of Auckland

Supervisor: Dr Katherine Bloomfield

How satisfied are frail older adults with living in retirement villages?

Smiling HOPE Foundation summer studentOlder adults enter retirement villages for a multitude of reasons. Some choose retirement villages for a social and secure environment, while others move into retirement villages in response to increasing health needs.
The team I have been lucky to join has already published valuable research surrounding older adults in retirement villages. This research shows many people in retirement villages are experiencing frailty: a state of increased vulnerability to stressors and adverse health outcomes. A frailty index has also been developed to measure frailty in an objective way.
My summer project uses the data collected for a wider study: Older People in Retirement Villages. I will compare the satisfaction levels of different aspects of retirement village living between frail and non-frail older adults.
As a third-year medical student, I am passionate about this research and older adult health. My grandparents and their health struggles have inspired me to pursue medicine.
I would like to thank the HOPE Foundation for this amazing opportunity and extend my gratitude to my supervisors, Dr. Katherine Bloomfield, Dr. Zhenqiang Wu and everyone involved in the Retirement Villages study.

Rosa's findings are reported here and here.

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