2007 Scholars

Posted by on 2 January 2007

The Foundation has much pleasure in announcing the 2007 Scholars:

Scholarship awarded to Cheryl Murphy  - University of Auckland

Post-exercise nutrition timing

Cheryl Murphy was a PhD student in the Department of Sport and Exercise Science but her research was carried out at Colorado State University. Cheryl aimed to determine whether the ingestion of protein and carbohydrate supplements immediately after exercise improved exercise endurance of older people better than ingesting carbohydrate alone and better than ingesting both after a delay. 

Scholarship awarded to Annete Lazonby - University of Auckland

The implications for Home Equity Release programmes

Annette Lazonby was a Masters student in the Department of Economics. Her study looked at the effect on the overalllong term well-being of older people who obtain a ‘reverse mortgage’ on their home. What is the likely impact of such schemes on private savings and the economy? How do such private sector schemes affect the government’s responsibility to provide retirees with a reasonable standard of living? 

Scholarship Awarded to Carissa Murrell  - Otago University

Alterations in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function with exercise and ageing

Carissa Murrell, PhD student, Department of Physiology compared the effects of prolonged exercise (as for example in a marathon) on the heart function of older and younger people, and on the flow of blood to the brain. She considered whether exercise can be useful in promoting blood flow to the brain and thus protect against the likelihood of a stroke.

Scholarship awarded to William Murdoch - Victoria University of Wellington

Baby boomers and housing inheritance

William Murdoch was a Masters student in the School of Social and Cultural Studies and explored the attitudes and expectations of baby boomers towards receiving an inheritance from their parents. He considered the following questions:- Is there an expectation of reciprocity between parental care-giving and the receipt of an inheritance? 

How does the expectation of an inheritance affect the potential recipient’s retirement planning? Do male and female children have different attitudes towards inheritances?


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