2008 Scholars

Posted by on 2 January 2008

The Foundation has much pleasure in announcing the 2008 Scholars:

Ruth Allen - University of Auckland

Ruth Allen’s PhD is in the Department of Social and Community Health, exploring support for childless New Zealanders ageing in place. Families have long been key providers of “informal” (unpaid) support for older people as they age-in-place in the community.

This research will be not only relevant to the support needs of the childless minority within the older population, but also to the majority who have children but do not receive support because of history (eg divorce), geography (eg children overseas) or practicality (eg children unwilling or unable to care for older parents). 

Gary Williams - University of Auckland

Garry Williams has been awarded a one-off Travel Scholarship to enable him to attend the 2008 American Society for Bone and Mineral Research Conference in Montreal.

Osteoporosis, a condition of the elderly characterized by loss of bone and increased fracture risk, is a major NZ health issue that affects more than half of women and a third of men over 60 years of age. More than 3,000 New Zealanders break a hip each year and the figure is expected to rise dramatically over the next ten years as our 
population ages. 

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