Our Sponsors

We would like to thank the following organisations for their support

selwynThe Selwyn Foundation is our cornerstone sponsor and currently funds 80% of our activities. 

The June Gray Charitable Trust

The Maclean Trust

The Monty Fairbrother Charitable Trust

TM Hoskings Charitable Trust

The BW and SW Picot Trust

Glenice & John Gallagher Foundation

W Crighton Charitable Company Ltd

JM Butland Charitable Trust

The Friends of the HOPE Foundation

John & Wendy Norwood Trust

Walker & Hall Trust

The Agnes Hope Day Trust

Alexander Harold Watson Trust

Joan Fernie Trust

Lois McFarlane Charitable Trust

Maurice Paykel Charitable Trust

St Andrews Village

James Russell Lewis Trust

Lawrance & Stephanie Russell Charitable Trust

KSC Wellington Charitable Trust

JOGIA Charitable Trust

st joans

st andrews

guardian trustGuardian Trust:  Ted and Mollie Carr Endowment Fund


Auckland Branch of the NZ Association of Gerontology.

The Douglas Goodfellow 
Charitable Trust

Freemasons Roskill Foundation