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Research Outcomes

iSupport for Dementia - processes to adapt this resource in different countries

Posted by Tara Sani on 5 February 2024


HOPE Scholar, Tara Sani presented this poster at the New Zealand Association of Gerontology Conference in September 2023. Tara's poster outlines the adaptation processes for different countries who wish to use iSupport for Dementia, a self-paced online training programme for carers of people with dementia. The World Health Organization produced iSupport for Dementia as part of the Global Action Plan on the Public Health Response to Dementia.

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WINNER! Oxford Poster Prize at IUCr 2023

Posted by Ben Krinkel on 15 January 2024

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Congratulations to HOPE Scholar, Benjamin Krinkel. Ben's poster, "Are malic enzymes a metabolic drug target in the war against cancer?" won the Oxford Poster Prize at the International Union of Crystallography 2023 Conference in Melbourne.

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