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The Ronnie Gardiner Method

Training practitioners for the Ronnie Gardiner Method

Posted by on 9 April 2023

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The HOPE Foundation supports training of Ronnie Gardiner Method practitioners in 2023

RGM workshop supported by the HOPE Foundation for Research on AgeingThe Ronnie Gardiner Method (RGM) is a cognitively challenging exercise programme designed to provide activation for those with Parkinson's disease, rehabilitation for those with stroke, possibly delay in cognitive decline and improvement in functional measures related to falls. (1-4) It is also very acceptable and fun for healthy older people. The RGM uses rhythm and movement in upright stance to challenge balance, memory and coordination. Of particular interest is an observed positive impact on late-stage stroke victims. (2) Important components are the music, the social interaction, the challenging exercises, and the skilled instructor. (3) There is also preliminary evidence that cognition and function are stimulated for those with mild cognitive impairment. (1)

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